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Volume 5, Issue 1

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Public Knowledge Vol. 5, Issue 1

ISSN 1948-3511

Table of Contents


5.1.0 Editors’ Introduction

Peer-Reviewed Articles

5.1.1 Retraining Appalachian miners and homemakers: A Burkean reading of workforce West Virginia – Lenny Grant

5.1.2 Politicizing Resilience: The Political Nature of Strengthening Resilience in International Development Practice – Brendan Halloran

5.1.3 Ethical Energy: Fair Trade, the End of Exploitation and the Move to Renewable Resources – Sheila Westfall

5.1.4 Metaphors in Motion: Debating “rape” as a Social Movement Metaphor for Mountain-top Removal - Michelle M.H. Şeref

5.1.5 Reconceptualizing Resilience: Characterizing Resilient Communities – Dr. Lyndal Neelin

Book Review

5.1.6 Circulative Materiality, Material Circulation: A Classic Book Review of For a Critique of the Political Economy of the Sign - Sascha Engel